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Two days? Is that all?

2004-07-08 - 10:02 a.m.

Yikes! My last day at this job is tomorrow! How did that sneak up on me?

There are tons of things to do yet, like copying all my files to CD, archiving work files and email, letting my friends and family know that they should be using my new email address, etc. It feels weird to be leaving. Iíll miss some of the people here but not this job as a whole Ė I just donít feel like Iíve really had anything interesting to do for a long time.

Hey, if you live in Ottawa, there are two things that might interest you in terms of weekend activities this summer. Iíve always meant to check them out but havenít gotten around to it yet:

The open-air movies downtown, and the Carp Farmersí Market.

Canít dilly-dally further, thereís packing to do!

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