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Now THAT'S a surprise.

2004-07-10 - 2:52 p.m.

I taught this morning and right now I’ve a yen to get out into the sunshine but since I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, I figure I’ll do a quick update.

Yesterday was my last day at my now-former job. It felt odd to be leaving after all the time anticipating it. I’ll miss one of my co-workers (who reminds me of a genteel and gracious Southern belle, but without the accent), but certainly not the job itself.

On another note, I noticed another instructor in my class this morning and spent a couple of minutes chatting with her. It turns out that she only found out 3 days ago that she’s FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT!!!

This was easier to not notice than you might think as she’s been on Depo Provera injections and thus wasn’t expecting to get her period. I’m not sure what the tip-off was but it may have been the swelling of her belly starting within the last week. Now I just read that Depo is “99.7% effective” so I guess she fell into that 0.3% section.

She had to get a lot of tests run because, not knowing she was pregnant, she had her routine Depo shot since conception. The baby, as far as they can tell though, is fine. What’s a little less than convenient (though she’s taking it all in stride) is the timing; she’s 23 and she and her boyfriend, who are on the verge of getting engaged, are moving to Calgary in three weeks so he can go to grad school. In other words, long move away from family and no steady income for the next little while.

As for me? Still waiting... 50 days now. And no, I am NOT pregnant (just old and unreliable apparently).

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