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No JournalCon for you; you come back 1 year!

2004-06-01 - 11:27 a.m.

The best-laid plans of mice and men... Thats right, I wont be going to JournalCon as Id hoped to this year. Its for a worthy reason though a good friend of mine is getting married in Halifax that weekend is that acceptable as an excuse?

Obviously a wedding takes precedence but what is it about that weekend? There are only a few big things going on this summer that I know of at this point and all of them are that same weekend. In addition to the two I just mentioned, the CanFitPro/BTS Super is on in Toronto and when I missed it last year (for my honeymoon; silly me and my priorities, eh?) I swore up and down Id go this year. Alas, it was not to be because JournalCon would have trumped it.

There are still travel details to be worked out; my husband owns his own business so he needs to figure out if he can get away or not. It might be me alone for the weekend, me for an extra couple of days (because hey! East coast in August!), me for a few days and him joining me for just the weekend, or both of us for just the weekend. The bride and groom have graciously offered us a place to stay at their house if we want so well have to figure this stuff out soon. Unfortunately, we just missed a seat sale so well have to keep our eyes out for another one.

While Im really looking forward to this wedding (the bride and groom are such cool people and Ill recount the story of our meeting here sometime), Im disappointed that I wont get a chance to actually face-to-face meet some of the journallers/bloggers I read. Maybe next year...

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