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2004-06-02 - 10:54 a.m.

After the whirlwind of news last week, itís kind of a letdown to just chug along as usual this week.

Iím starting to get pictures of my new niece emailed to me and am faced with a bit of a moral quandary Ė I donít think I should post images without the subjectís or, in this case, the subjectís parentís permission, but I canít get that permission without tipping them off about this journalís existence. Believe me, I donít want to do that. My Outlaws are great but I think that harmony between us partly relies on not getting in each otherís faces about certain beliefs.

For instance, they are card mad, MAD I SAY. They send cards for everything; they hand cards over with gifts; when my sister and brother in-law told us they were expecting, they handed us a card and they WERE SITTING RIGHT THERE; Iím surprised they donít send thank you cards to acknowledge receipt of thank you cards. I think cards are a waste of paper/trees and environmentally unfriendly. If youíve taken the trouble to come out for my birthday, I donít need a card from you. If Iím actually celebrating Christmas in your presence Christmas Day? I donít need a Christmas card as well. I know that cards are appropriate sometimes Ė I send thank you cards for gifts that I didnít open in the presence of the giver and thus couldnít thank them in person, and I send Christmas cards to people far away that I know would appreciate getting them, for example Ė but I think theyíre unnecessary and a waste of paper other times. Anyway, Iím digressing; my point is that my sister in-law thinks I should be grateful to get any and all cards because she thinks they are a good thing (I think she should respect my requests not to send them all the time) and I donít think reading my reasons here would make her ďgetĒ my opinion or do anything but cause friction. Hence the root of the reason I donít want her reading this journal if I can avoid it.

Yet my niece is so damn cute! How can I not share her overwhelming adorability with the world? And Iím not one of these people that thinks all babies are beautiful Ė Iím not even really much of a ďbaby personĒ Ė so you can believe me when I say she is totally scrumptious.

For now, I suppose youíll just have to take my word for it. But if my sister in-law ever does find this journal, at least Iíll have the consolation of being able to ask if I can post pics on it. And then watch as I quickly fill up my allotted memory space.

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