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That wasn't so bad after all. And new CSI impressions.

2004-05-21 - 9:57 a.m.

So the upshot of yesterdayís hoopla? Security tracked down who messaged me and it turned out to only be a buddy of mine who moved to my floor a couple of weeks ago. How anti-climactic. Well, it was probably not an anticlimactic moment for him to see IT security bearing down on his cube with me in tow. In fact, he looked downright unsettled. Heh.

Thereís no way he could have sent the original nasty message because he didnít work here then. Also, one of the reasons I was so worked up over the whole thing is that Iím not close enough to anyone on my team for us to joke with each other, hence it was logical to assume it was an anonymous snipe, just as it seemed logical to assume that it was the same person in both instances. I am however, close enough with this guy that I know it was intended to be a joke.

Who the original instigator was will remain a mystery but I donít feel a giant target on my back now and my friend was chastised by security and was chagrined to discover that there was another incident that had set up this situation to be taken much more seriously than it would have otherwise.

I feel bad for drawing securityís attention to him, but the security person seemed relieved that it had turned out to be a joke and that I took it as such once the source was discovered so I donít think heís in any actual trouble.

Apropos of nothing, hey (!), new CSI!!!

I saw the introductory cross-over episode during CSI Miami and I think it has possibilities. The cast is promising and I was really struck by the way it was shot and, specifically, the contrast of the colour palette to that they use for CSI Miami. The latter is a lot of warm colours, particularly orange, while the New York version is a lot darker with blue and grey dominating. The establishing shots arenít the typical skyline pan from over the water but rather swooping over a stark and jagged concrete jungle of high-rises.

To lighten up and provide a bit of contrast to the dark tones out in the field, the labs and morgue are finally white and well-lit, and people wear white lab coats. The one thing that never made sense to me in the other CSIs (well besides the excessive makeup on the women and the loose hair in the morgue and the way the medical examiner is always petting the corpses in Miami) is how dark the labs and morgue always are. I canít imagine that darkness in a real government office - particularly in labs where you donít want to strain your eyes - or in the morgue, which is rendered unnecessarily creepy by the added gloom.

Could be good. I wonder if TWoP will cover it? Or *wistfully* if they need anyone to cover it, for that matter...

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