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2004-05-25 - 12:10 p.m.

Whew! This weekend was pretty hectic and I am harbouring the suspicion that itíll be nothing compared to next weekend.

Despite my low-grade migraine for most of the weekend, I managed to teach a class Saturday morning, go to a friendís cottage right afterward, grocery-shop on the way home the next day and whip up a BBQ feast for J and our friend Rob (pork chops glazed with hot sauce, maple syrup and garlic, flame-broiled carrots, potatoín onion packets, plus salad; I did the prep, they did the grilling). We went for gelato and rented a movie afterwards. Sunday I went to Merrickville for an art show and some browsing through the shops with my mom for her birthday and then she and I joined J and C and a couple of our friends for dinner at our favourite Mexican place. This was, of course, facilitated by the fact that J did all the driving on Saturday and Sunday, and a good portion of the car loading and unloading.

Tonight itís my brotherís 14th birthday so I have to pick up a present for him and then J and I are heading over for dinner. Iím getting him a wallet with a wallet chain. I think itíll appeal to his newfound taste in studs and skater wear. (And I can never say this enough: thank God that his taste is evolving and heís finally gotten rid of the mullet.)

Tomorrow night Iím teaching.

Thursday night Iíd better run because Friday (in addition to picking up my sister at the bus station) I pick up my package for the race on Saturday. As you may be able to guess if you peruse the last couple of weeksí worth of entries, I havenít been able to devote the time to training that would have guaranteed success in beating my dad this year in the 10k. In fact, Iím not sure I can even guarantee that Iíll match my slowest time. To be honest, Iíve been busy and itís just not as high a priority for me as I know it is for him so heíll win and heíll deserve to.

I still hate the fact that Iíll have to put up with his gloating for another year. Two actually since I suspect I wonít be able to run next year. My father is the least gracious winner Iíve ever seen and he doesnít seem to understand that pretending he hasnít even been training (to the point where heís actually said that he doesnít even know where his running shoes are) is incredibly annoying Ė just admit that you gave it some effort to beat me fair and square. Heís also prone to implying that Iím lying about how much training I do, or rather, donít do. You are my witnesses; I run when I have time but if I donít have the time or the weather is bad or Iím not feeling well, I just donít do it. Itís just not that important to me.

The fact is, I hate running. I hate the puffing and the red face and the nausea and the shin splints. I do it because the cardio is good for me to kick-start my summer, and because my dad gets so much glee out of the whole thing.

Still there is such a thing as too much glee. Trust me.

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