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2004-03-30 - 3:25 p.m.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a urinary tract infection? Well today the sun was shining and I decided that itís a real nuisance to have to run alternately to the water cooler and to the washroom all day at work, and that an 8+ hour stint sitting at my desk would only aggravate matters, so I stayed home! Itís kind of weird to be home like this though; Iím used to staying home when Iíve got a migraine or a bad head cold and, except for the obvious drawbacks of a UTI, I donít actually feel what I think of as sick. I almost never post from home so consider this a bonus entry.

So what did I do today? Iím so glad you asked because my life, as you probably suspected, is riveting. I... drum roll please... sorted through the top shelf in our closet and put aside a bag of scarves and gloves and headbands for Goodwill. I went through my drawers in the washroom to tidy them up and organize them a bit. I did, be still my beating heart, laundry! I also did some final verifying and entering of numbers to send to my accountant.

Donít I sound grown up, the way I casually drop ďmy accountantĒ into conversation? Like all Canadians Iím getting my taxes ready for 2003 and since they are going to be extremely complicated for that year and that year alone, I decided to have them done professionally.

Anyway, I am tentatively thinking of continuing the craziness and cooking something healthy for dinner tonight. Then I just may sort and fold the laundry thatís in the machines right now. Will the party never end? Tune in tomorrow when Iím back at the daily grind...

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