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Hiking, running and snooping. Oh my!

2004-03-29 - 12:09 p.m.

There have been a number of small occurrences building up that beg to be reported so Iíll devote today to doing so:

The hiking trip in the Sierras
It looks as though my hiking trip with my Dad will be delayed until July or maybe even August. This could make things a bit dicey in terms of timing as far as JournalCon goes, particularly since Iím not keen on telling Dad about this journal and therefore it will be difficult to explain why Iím going to a convention for online journal writers. Hmm. As it stands now, Iíve mentioned that Iím going to be in Washington for that weekend but havenít said why.

The run
My training has slowed down due partly to being pretty busy and partly to the fact that I had a mild migraine yesterday. Oh yeah, and I started a urinary tract infection yesterday morning and I defy anyone to want to run for an hour when they donít want to be more than a minute or two from a bathroom at any point. I might write a bit about the wisdom Iíve amassed over the years regarding UTIís sometime this week (if I forget and your curiosity is burning, drop me a line with the word ďjournalĒ in the title Ė to get past my spam filters Ė and Iíll make a point of getting on that).

My long-lost friend
I might see her tonight (!) since I emailed her some details on a seminar Iím going to be attending that I thought might interest her and she said she might check it out.

Another Google hit!
This time it was for orgasming+while+exercising. Funny that the few searches that I've turned up in are all about odd things happening on exercise equipment, eh?

My sister's school situation
My sister is in what should be the last semester of her 2-year paralegal course and it seems has hit a bit of a stumbling block. Of course, it canít be a simple situation so hereís the scoop:

Full of trepidation, she phoned Mom to let her know that she might have some delay in finishing. Apparently there is a requirement that she be able to type 40 w.p.m. in order to graduate from her course and right now she can only do 25 w.p.m. Iíve long suspected she has a learning disability and it seems that, while itís still not been officially diagnosed, it may indeed be the case that sheís dyslexic. So far this is pretty straightforward.

However, she told Mom that because she canít type fast enough, she might not be able to go on the field placement for her course which is a short-term, unpaid placement that allows students to get some hands-on experience in the field before they graduate. This could mean a delay of 8 months in going on the placement/graduating. My mom was upset (for her, not at her) and sent me an email about it. This is where it starts to get into a grey area because my sister wouldnít likely want me to hear about it, much less stick my nose in the situation. But because I am used to being the ďfixerĒ of sticky situations, I did. In investigating whether she could be allowed to take the field placement and then pass the keyboarding test, I found out that she could, and that she should go talk to her program coordinator as soon as possible to discuss her options, but that leads me to suspect that thereís more to the story. Even if there isnít, how do I get the information back to her? She wonít want Mom to have mentioned it to me and she wouldnít appreciate me having looked into it further. She definitely wouldnít want to hear that any hint has arisen that there may be more to the story than whatís sheís shared so far. (Heaven forefend that she ever find this site and read this entry Ė I may be trying to help but I donít think it would be well received.) Iíve told Mom to, without saying that sheís got any extra info, suggest to her that it might be a good idea to talk to her program coordinator to discuss options and see if something can be worked out. I hope itís enough to at least get her to the coordinatorís office to set things rolling in a positive direction.

Really though, the woman is 32 years old and she shouldnít feel that she has to answer to anyone else about this; itís her life, her time and her money. It takes guts to go back to school and put your life and livelihood on hold to do it. Sheís afraid to tell Dad that it might take more time to finish (Dad puts a very high value on education and can be very censorious at times) but even if it does, so what? Sheíll get there eventually. Sheís worked hard and he should recognize that. And if he doesnít, big deal. Itís not the end of the world. Go sis!

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