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Odds 'n ends before the weekend.

2004-02-20 - 11:38 a.m.

It feels like Iíve been terribly remiss because I didnít write anything yesterday. Since I donít generally post on the weekend, I try to leave something interesting up on Friday but that ainít gonna happen this week; Iíve got a collection of things to update on and no grand themes in mind. So, hereís some loose ends Iím tying up before the weekend:


I kept going in mental circles about what to do about replacing my Columbia jacket. I didnít want to be greedy but at the same time I was sooo tempted by the thought of being one of the first people to get the new line for next year. I am not what you call an early-adopter, preferring other people to be the guinea pigs and pay full price (conversely though, I am Everyman embodied, in the sense that almost anything I immediately like seems to appeal to a lot of people and becomes popular, even if it wasnít yet when I decided I liked it). Within the limits of what they were willing to offer as a replacement, I could pick from the whole range of colours and styles available! I could appear trendy and still adhere to my basically practical nature! But thenÖ Iíd risk the fact that the new colours for womenís jackets could well be all pinks and lavenders next year. And it seemed a tad greedy when the option available immediately was a perfectly serviceable, nay, even superior jacket of unobjectionable colour. The clincher was the fact that Iím supposed to be going hiking in the Sierraís with my Dad this spring and Iíll need a jacket then. I called them up and should have my cozy new jacket by this time next week. (The funny part of this is that, even after I first realized Iíd need the jacket this June, over the following few days I kept thinking about the temptation of waiting for the new line. Then Iíd mentally slap my forehead with a "Fool! You need it before August!")


Finalists for the Diarist Awards have been posted so if you have a journal go and vote. If you donít have a journal, this may still a chance to discover some fabulous new writing you donít already know about.


Saving the best for last, my hubby is coming home tonight! Heís been away since Tuesday on training for his new business (and will be gone again next week Ė stalkers take note, I have two large, pointy-fanged dogs. And a burglar alarm. And can be downright vicious if necessary. Really.) and it hasnít been the same without him around. This is the longest that weíve been apart since we got married in August, (I can hear the aws from here) and there has been much missing going on this week. Welcome home sweetheart.

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