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Winterlude bringeth the visitors.

2004-02-06 - 8:41 a.m.

This is one of those actual journal-like entries when I babble about the happenings of my everyday life rather than pontificate about my worldview.

The weekend is coming! The weekend is coming! And with it, three of the four women who were in my wedding party this past summer! And two of those are pregnant! (Yes, thatís right, 50% of the women closest to me by bond or blood are pregnant. Am I feeling the pressure? Am I hearing the ticking getting louder. Ohhhh no. Of course not.) But Iím not going to digress into the whole baby issue today...

The one who isnít pregnant is bringing her kids (see, one who isnít pregnant has already beaten the rest of us to the punch) so there are plans afoot to visit the Museum of Nature. Having a couple of degrees in the subject, clearly this is my favourite museum. In fact, it always has been, and Iíve always been particularly drawn to the Plant section. Itís also housed in one of the coolest buildings in the city (it looks just like the mental image of a small castle with crenulated heights and everything) and, as if that werenít enough, admission is free on Saturday mornings! Who wouldnít go to such a place with so many things in its favour?

Saturday night Iím going to get together with another of them and weíre going to eat and drink (well, not me, or J Ė we donít drink as a general rule Ė or the pregnant oneÖ but the rest of them should make up for us) and go dancing. Iím so famous among my friends for my love of dancing that Iím almost embarrassed to admit that I havenít been dancing since my bachelorette party. Seeing as how J and I met dancing at our favourite bar, it really is shocking how little weíve gone there since getting together. I always swore that I wouldnít be one of those people who disappear from the social map when I got into a serious relationship and yet I ended up putting the settled (in a physical, hunkering down kind of way, not in a compromising my ideals kind of way) in "settled down". To be honest (and if I canít be honest with internet strangers, really, who can I be honest with? Hee.) I suspect that once it had been a while since I had been dancing, I didnít want to go because I was afraid Iíd love it so much and realize how much I had missed it that Iíd resent not having gone for so long, and I didnít want to resent anything about my fabulous new relationship. And then we fell out of the habit of considering dancing as an option. Heck, we fell out of the habit of even wanting to stay up late enough to start an evening out after 11:00 pm, which is when the DJ starts up at "our" bar. Still, we're game to give it a try this weekend. Letís see if we can still hack it.

Sunday will be the day we see the third (my sister inlaw), along with the Outlaws for lunch, followed by another visit with visitor #2 so she can see wedding photos and the friends who are coming with her can see the house.

Add all this to the fact that the city will be jammed for Winterlude this weekend, and there's a winter storm warning for today and tomorrow, and I think Iíll need an extra weekend just to rest from this weekend. Us old folks need our sleep, after all.

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