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The weekend, it was good.

2004-02-09 - 11:32 a.m.

So for those few who are dying to know, all went as smoothly as could be hoped this weekend and it wasnít at all as frantic as I had been anticipating, given the three sets of visitors to cram in to the three days.

There had been dire weather predictions on Friday and thus the threat of people not being able to make the trip hung over our heads. It turned out not to be as bad as predicted though so everyone decided to come up and nary an incident occurred. While my wacky women were wending their way west for the weekend (OK, east and there were men and children with them too, but I couldnít resist the chance for a little alliteration), J and I did a bit of a clean up of the old abode. Clutter, clutter everywhere and no time to stop and think.

You can check the last entry for the schedule from Saturday morning onwards, which was followed pretty much as predicted. The only addition is that Jís friends stopped by the bar we ended up at as well so we got to see even more people than anticipated. As well, the gaps between the events were longer than Iíd thought theyíd be so there was ample time to transition from one to the next and it wasnít as rushed-feeling as Iíd been fearing.

It was great to see everybody! The newly pregnant couple are thrilled about the prospect of becoming parents so there was quite a bit of baby talk going on there; the one with kids already was looking good from all the recent volleyball sheís been playing; the sister inlaw is getting pretty big and Iím orchestrating a baby shower for her so her husband and I are in league with each other and thatís kind of fun too. As well, the visitors on Sunday who hadnít seen the house before were suitably impressed and I preened under their praise.

Itís funny but I find keeping the house clean and clutter-free, and finishing the decorating (I still have pictures I havenít put up yet!), much more onerous than designing and the darn thing and having it built! Iíve told J that if anyone ever complains about me being hard to buy for again, rather than buying more stuff to fill the place with, they should contribute to a fund to get someone in to clean the stuff we already have. I hate housework. I have no problem cleaning the tub and sinks and doing the laundry, but keeping on top of the paper that creeps over our counters and desktops and dressers like an insidious ivy is my weak point. Will I need this receipt again? What about directions to this personís cottage? We might go there next summer...

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