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2004-01-08 - 1:02 p.m.

Today, yes, this very day something I said (or rather, typed) convinced someone to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry. I wish I could say it was a stranger reading my entry on the subject, but in fact it was a friend I have email conversations with from time to time at work. The key, apparently, was finding out that the matching is all done through blood work, as opposed to having to have your marrow sampled for matching and then taken again for the actual donation. Apparently sheís fine with it only being done once and under general anaesthetic (also something she wasnít aware of).

This conversation actually led to me mentioning my fear of injections (trypanophobia), which led to a confession from her which totally mystifies me. She has an irrational fear of fish.

Yep. Fish. Ichthyphobia.

Apparently she can swim in lakes and rivers but if she sees any reminder that fish live there, sheís outta there. A fish jumping on the other side of the lake, someone fishing, whether they are catching anything or not, all are indicators that itís time to head for land. Even the thought of sticking her hand in a goldfish bowl makes her shudder.

As someone who spent a large portion of their childhood summers minnowing at the nearby creek, I donít get that. (Mind you, she thinks Iím a wuss for being afraid of needles. To have a fear of something penetrating my first and best line of bodily defence - i.e. my skin - and stuffing fluid into the middle of a muscle or between layers of skin where there isnít even a space for it to go, meaning it has to force all the muscle fibres or skin layers to tear apart to make room? Leaving a bruise for weeks? This is irrational to someone who canít stand the thought of a guppy grazing her hand?). I guess there are some stranger fears though. Fish can bite, after all. And live in a place that is completely alien, dark and unknown to most land-dwellers. Unless, of course, you love diving or youíre an ichthyologist, or something. (Yes, I was just itching to use another ichthy word. Could you tell?)


Ok, it's now tomorrow but I'm adding to this entry because I just wanted to mention that I woke up this morning thinking Carpe carp! (Seize the carp!) I thought that was particularly hilarious because goldfish were specifically mentioned and goldfish are carp. Get it? Huh? Huh? Do ya?

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