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Viva la resolution! (New Year's, that is.)

2004-01-06 - 9:42 a.m.

Despite the title, which I couldn't resist, I donít really believe in New Yearís resolutions. Iíve known too many people that have habits they would like to break but use New Yearís as a means to put off actually doing anything about them.

- Sure I know smoking is a filthy habit and I want to stop doing itÖ so starting January first Iím going to quit.

- Dude, itís August. Why not quit now instead of waiting months?

New Yearís isnít the only time Iíve seen this. Iíll quit when my new niece or nephew is born, or Iíll quit when Iím 28 (but they were 25 when they declared this), or Iíll quit after Iíve finished exams when Iíll have less stress.

I have a lot of respect for people that make a lifestyle change for the better. Itís harder for a smoker to quit than for someone like me whoís always hated it to never start; just like itís harder for someone who loves food to lose weight than it is for someone who has no particular interest in it, or a perverse love of raw carrots, to always stay thin. And I certainly admire those who decide to pick a day to make the change and then stick to it, I just donít think that it has to be only one day of the year and that people should necessarily wait for that day, or abandon the initiative if they suffer a setback. (Oh well, there goes that resolution, pass the cheese doodles. Oh and can you grab me a pack of smokes when youíre at the corner store? Maybe next year Iíll succeed.)

That having been said, Iím kind of glad the wretched excess of the holidays is past. While Iíve never been a smoker, food is one of my great weaknesses and, between parties and family meals, I always overindulge over Christmas. I have to admit that, even though I give myself mental permission to make no effort to curb my impulses during this time, I still feel small prods of guilt after the fact. And I get heartily tired of just feeling so damn full, so damn often. Oh and did I mention that the first round of unflattering Christmas pictures has started to trickle in? And believe me, round is the operative word. I can angle my chin flatteringly in the mirror but thereís no hiding from a camera wielded by a drunk friend at a party.

So itís back to making an effort to eat well. And I do have to step up my training at the gym, especially in light of the fact that I have less than five months to get ready for the annual 10k race against my dad (oh yeah, and over 4000 other people). Maybe this year Iíll even beat him if I start training early enough.

So, it appears that Iím making resolutions after all. The fact that they coincide with the beginning of the year? Pure coincidence. Really.


Say, today is officially the day some good friends of mine are expecting a baby!

I donít know if sheíll actually go into labour today (does anyone actually have the baby on their exact due date?) but I wish her luck when she does and Iíve got my fingers crossed that they have a healthy baby after an uncomplicated, and as short and painless as possible, labour.

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