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The ups and downs of the weekend.

2003-12-05 - 4:59 p.m.

Alas! No Toronto for me this weekend. There were many good reasons not to go which I stubbornly ignored for as long as I could, but when push came to shove I had to beg off this morning.

Thatís bad.

No one yet knows weíll be in town this weekend. This means I can now clean the house and buy and wrap presents and Hub and I even picked up the Christmas tree today so weíll be able to trim it this weekend.

Thatís good.

Hub has a friend moving Saturday and now feels obligated to help, plus he has to do some work-related stuff now that weíll be in town.

Thatís bad. (Well, not totally bad in the sense that weíre happy to help friends move but bad in the sense that our stolen time is already being impinged upon.)

We do have Sunday unaccounted for and Iíve made Hub promise to disregard his almost pathological need to answer the phone and screen calls so we donít get sucked into distractions.

Thatís good.

Some stores that I want to go to arenít going to be open on Sunday.

Thatís bad.

We will make it to the gym this weekend.

Thatís good.

And I really need to go because Iím still freaked out by how much I weigh these days and Christmas eating hasnít even started yet.

Thatís bad. Very bad.

If all goes well I will get the papers finally filled out to file for our New Housing Rebate which should mean a couple of thousand dollars coming to us.

Thatís good. Very good.

That money is added to your taxable income for the year, which makes zero sense to me since itís a rebate on tax youíve already paid out. They give you relief from one tax and then tax a percentage of it right back from you? Gyp!

Thatís bad.

My sister finally emailed me a response (and non-snarky at that) about scheduling for Christmas and agreed to arrive as early and stay as late as we need her to accommodate everyoneís holiday plans.

Thatís good.


Iíve got dinner plans with awesome friends to celebrate birthdays this coming week.


Iíve got Christmas parties coming up and fun will hopefully be had by all.


I think Iíll be semi-ready for Christmas after this weekend.

Good again!

Iíll get to spend time with family over Christmas and Hub probably even has Christmas and Boxing Day off (my fingers are crossed) so we can spend some time together as a married couple for our first Christmas! Yay!

The good-est!

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