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I blame the turkey.

2003-11-18 - 1:19 p.m.

Ugh. I am pretty convinced that it was food poisoning.

To put it delicately, during much of Sunday night and Monday day it seemed that anything in my digestive system was hell-bent on making a run for the nearest exit. I considered the possibility that it was the flu and felt a bit sheepish at having to confess that fact to the same people to whom I had declared my intention of not getting the flu shot this year. I don’t really believe in the flu shot for healthy adults, or at least for this healthy adult. I know that I wouldn’t go clog up emergency rooms if I got it – I’d grit my teeth and stay in the relative comfort of my own bed. Everyone I know who gets the flu shot still seems to get sick in the winter because it doesn’t protect against colds. And this morning on the news I heard that this year’s wave of flu has started but that it’s a strain that wasn’t included in this year’s shot. But I digress…

J and I had had dinner at the Outlaws on Sunday evening and it turned out that his mother also had stomach problems that night so I really do think it was the food. We had something that claimed to be turkey breast but was all bound up in string. When a turkey is still on the bone with skin intact I think it’s safer as only the outside has been exposed to potential contamination and even then the skin provides a thin layer of a protection; but when it’s been pulled apart and bound back together it seems to me that there’d be more chance of bacteria making it into the bundle, between the pieces of meat. The fact that two of us got sick and two didn’t just reinforces my suspicions as bacterial colonies can occur in pockets and are not generally uniformly spread throughout food.

The upshot of this was a very unpleasant time. I’m now back at work and eating Jell-O and applesauce but I will probably not venture solid foods until this evening.

The weekend itself was good though – went to the hockey game with friends Saturday, got to spend some time with my hubby, dinner with his parents that was nice, the ultimate outcome notwithstanding.

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