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Still having tummy trouble.

2003-11-19 - 2:43 p.m.

Just an update on the food poisoning:

Despite the fact that the solid food for dinner stayed down last night, I havenít been able to face it yet today and have only had an iced tea. The thought of food just has zero appeal right now. My stomach has turned into cornered dog; it cowers and backpedals away until it runs out of room and then rumbles and grrs ominously at the thought of food. I do not want to force the issue and get bitten for my troubles.

On the bright side, I do have a nice little storage reserve of energy I've been building up over the last couple of years so my cells won't go without fuel entirely. Hey, I know it's not the healthy way to approach weight loss but you try to find something good to say about a 3-day stretch of unhappy tummy!

I will try to drink more fluids though. Dehydration is not my friend.

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