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What’s in a name? A Mole by any other name would smell as… sweet?

2003-10-27 - 11:02 a.m.

Well I’ve been at this for almost three weeks now and I’ve surprised myself by how often I’ve written already. I hope the momentum continues.

Of course, now that I have a journal up and running I’m thinking of much better names for it than Talpidae but have kind of locked myself in to the one I thought of first. Doh!

I remember hearing that the Barenaked Ladies once said that if they’d thought they were going to get so famous, they would have chosen a better name at the outset, but that once they started to become known they were stuck. I have all of one reader that I know about and I already feel I can’t switch. Technologically speaking, I don’t think DiaryLand lets us act on our capricious whims like that, though I have emailed to ask.

And I have no cool nickname! Double-doh!

In my opinion, Weetabix has the ultimate name. She can be called “Weet” or “the Bix” for short, both of which sound cool, and she has tons of plays on words at her disposal. Her JC swag? Weetamix CDs. Her person? The Weetabodkin. And those two I picked up from one entry.

I, on the other hand, have never had a satisfactory nickname. Oh I’ve had one or two over the years but nothing that stuck. I suppose “Shawna” isn’t common enough that there’d be a great need for nicknames to differentiate us. I’ve never socialized with a Shawna and don’t even run across them very often in these here parts. (As an odd aside though, Shawna does seem to be commonly paired with my last name in that there are at least three of us that live in my city. And someone once told me that of the three Shawnas he’d met in his entire life, two of us shared my last name!) I used to date a Kevin and he was one of a plethora of Kevins that all knew each other and hung out so they all went by nicknames: Moist, Holstein, Spada or Spades, and Miracle are the ones I remember offhand. I’ll let you have your own suspicions as to which was the one I dated.

The Mighty Sars always uses nicknames to refer to her friends and I would love to have her gift for coming up with them, both for myself and for the people I do and will refer to in my journal. My husband is currently just J but when and if I come up with something better I may go back and replace his references. I’d better come up with some way of generating nicknames soon ‘cause there are only so many letters in the alphabet and I know a lot of people whose names begin with J.

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