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Sour grapes make quite the whine.

2003-10-24 - 2:21 p.m.

Somebody kindly sent me a copy of a negative JournalCon entry posted by Abbycat (I wonít link because itís password protected on his site so you wouldnít be able to read it anyway) and whoa. That entry certainly has some parts that would bite if you got your fingers too close to Ďem, and I can see why it was password protected if two of the three comments posted are any indication of the feedback this guy got.

The gist of the parts that angered is: Journallers booze it up too much, undeservedly deify themselves and other journallers, and are ragingly insecure.

I canít say I have the angry reaction others do but itís a lot more distant from me as I wasnít there. If Iíd been somewhere and had a great time and seen almost everyone around me having a great time, Iím sure Iíd feel compelled to defend it when someone else attacked it. I have seen his attitude towards people that are happy and outgoing before a couple of times, and Iíve seen his attitude toward drinking, and the people that do it, much more often. Why do those not having a good time sometimes feel the need to cut down the people who are?

Alas, much as Iíd love to go to JournalCon, I suspect that Iíd be looking like this guy probably looked; sober and on the fringe a bit. It wouldnít be because I wanted to seem that way, Iím just not a drinker (migraines, as Iíve mentioned before) and Iím much more socially deft in small groups than in large noisy gatherings (where Iím socially deaf, not deft; seriously, how does everyone else manage to follow a conversation in a noisy bar? It is totally beyond me. But I digressÖ). I used to think that, because I was outgoing and liked people, I should like large groups but I've since realized that it's just not my ideal social scene. I prefer a divide and conquer approach I guess. Still, Iíd like to think Iíd have fun and maybe even get up the nerve to do one karaoke number, and come home with happy stories to recount.

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