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2010-07-14 - 2:31 p.m.

This weekend I was in line at the self-checkout at the grocery store when a man came dashing over to the station behind me. He looked relieved as he pulled some money from the change-return tray. I think I caught the colours of a five dollar bill but maybe there was more underneath it.

I idly looked down at my stationís tray. Green-coloured bill. Here in Canada that means a twenty. I pulled it out. Eighty bucks.

My heart sank. Five dollars I could have maybe patted myself on the back for finding and kept. Eighty dollars was a loss that anyone would feel.

I went up to the staff member and turned it in. I saw her ask her supervisor what to do, then write a note about it which presumably got filed somewhere. They didnít ask my name to give it to me if it went unclaimed or if the person who got it back wanted to know who had done them the favour of returning it.

Iím still not entirely happy about the whole thing. Oh sure, I feel I made the right decision, but I wish I knew that that money had found its way back to the ownerís pockets and not into those of the store employees or, even worse, the account of the mega-chain who didnít need it and didnít rightfully own it.

What would you have done? And would you call the store back to see if it had been claimed? Itís been 5 days so if no oneís claimed it yet, they ainít gonna...

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