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The good and the bad.

2010-06-25 - 3:56 p.m.

Yesterday I saw a new skin-cancer doctor. This one was actually a full-fledged dermatologist (director of surgical dermatology for one of the local universities) and has been in the biz for quite some time.

Good news: He was very decisive about the rough patch on my lip: not cancer.

Bad news: It still had to come off.

Good news: It didnít need to be cut off.

Bad news: It had to be burned off with liquid nitrogen.

Good news: I didnít need a needle first because the nitrogen freezes the nerve endings.

Bad news: It was going to be painful once the nerves thawed.

Good news: The pain was only going to last about 5 minutes.

Bad news: The blister that was going to form was going to peel off and leave a scab.

Good news: It wouldnít leave a scar.

Bad news: Iíd look kind of like I had a yucky cold sore for a couple of weeks.

Good news: NOT CANCER!


Good news: The procedure was just over when it hit.

There was nothing further I needed to do with him so I shook the manís hand, thanked him, and headed for open ground.

I found out shortly after via radio that the epicentre was only 60 miles north of here, but that it was felt as far away as Chicago.

Bonus: I didnít miss much in the way of work back at the office because it was evacuated anyway.

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