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Goodbye for now

2011-08-15 - 10:16 p.m.

Gosh, where to begin old friend?

Grommet is 5 1/2. She is finished JK and poised to start SK next month.

Biscuit is 3. He's still only 28 lbs, but if cuteness imparted weight he'd weigh a ton - he is so, so pretty with his blond hair, impish smile and huge eyes.

They've both had nasty stomach bugs in the last month and Grommet ended up in the hospital for rehydration.

I'll be 39 this year. The 9s are always a big deal for me because I feel the pressure to get things done before I hit the next zero.

We're currently living in one house and renting out a second, though the one we're in is for sale and we have our eye on moving back to the other.

I've said recently that I think we're at a time in our lives that we'll look back upon as our golden years, and I think that is utterly true: everyone we love is alive, healthy and happy, the kids are fantastic and their problems simple, and we're both pulling in pretty comfortable, secure salaries. Everyone should be as blessed as we are.

I am seriously thinking of officially winding this blog down and downloading and binding all the content into books for my kids. A record of their early days. We'll see.

I hope the reader or two who stumbles across this blog is doing as well as my family is right now, terrible economy notwithstanding.

Enjoy the archives.

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