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2010-09-16 - 11:21 p.m.

Yesterday was Grommetís phase-in day at Junior Kindergarten. Today she was her first day with her whole class (of 27 kids Ė 4 over the legal limit of 23 Ė but thatís another story). We had to pack a snack in her brand-new Bento-style lunch box, and make sure she had the required extra set of clothes and indoor shoes. Weíd already dropped off the glue sticks, activity fee, etc. at the meet-the-teacher day last week.

J and I took time off from work to walk with her from her daycare. She patiently let us take a whole bunch of pictures at the drop-off gate, then went into the play yard to join the other kids on the play structures for 15 minutes, then they all lined up with their teachers to enter their classrooms. She was at the front of the line and was so intent on what sheíd find when she got inside that she disappeared without a backwards glance for her parents. The last picture I have of her is the last glimpse of her Spiderman* backpack disappearing into the school.

When asked about her day she described a couple of other children, but when asked if she found out any of their names she said no, Emmaline was in her class and she didnít need any other friends. Itís been suggested that itíd be a good idea to learn some names today and sheís agreed to do it. Like most youngsters, she was pretty vague on details so I donít know a lot about what she did on her first day, but she said she loved school and thatís the main thing.

My little baby is growing up. *Sniff*


* I had a secret fear that sheíd come home from the first day and declare that Spiderman and dinosaurs were for boys and demand that we get some princess stuff. So far that hasnít happened. Iím keeping my fingers crossed that it never does.


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