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The REAL new year.

2010-09-09 - 4:35 p.m.

I know January is officially the new year, but I always look at the day after Labour Day as one of those major days when life rolls over from one phase to the next. I suppose itís partly do to my long academic career, even if Iíve been out of school for, ye gods, 12 years now!

Speaking of academic careers, Grommet is about to embark on hers: Tuesday we had the "meet the teacher" session with her and next week she starts Junior Kindergarten. Thisíll mean afternoons, 5 days a week. Her class has a staggering (and illegal) 27 kids in it right now, but we expect that will get whittled down to the required max of 20 to 23 within a few weeks. We had to bring glue sticks, Ziploc bags, and a change of clothes with us to the school.

She is using her Spider Man backpack, and I hope she still thinks itís ďcoolĒ for a girl to have once sheís part of the pack. I have dreadful visions of her coming home the first day and tossing all her dinosaurs and Spider Man paraphernalia and demanding we paint her room pink.

Grommet has new shoes for school Ė we bought the ones we were asked to buy, then she liked them so much we got a second pair because the school needs some that are strictly for indoor use only and she wanted to wear her new shoes everywhere. With the advent of cooler weather, fall clothes are starting to come out of storage to be tried on for size. Out-grown but not-too-girly favourites are making their way into the pile reserved for Biscuit when heís a bit older; the girly stuff is still being hung onto, in the expectation of passing some of it along to friends and relatives (my cousin is currently expecting). I could probably consign some of it too, but Iím more of a buyer of consignment than seller. Itís a lot of effort to sell stuff that Iíd only get a buck for each.

Biscuitís clothes too are getting a critical inspection: heís still so skinny that, at over 2 years a lot of his 12M pants still fit around the waist, and arenít totally flood-like short. An inch higher up and Iíd replace them for sure; a centimetre lower and theyíd be perfect. Iím probably going to go to the big bi-annual consignment sale and just supplement what heís got so heíll last through the winter.

Small size notwithstanding, thereís really no escaping it: my two babies are babies no more. Iíve got one toddler and one kindergartener in the house. Where is the time going?

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