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Yes, I went to BlogHer '10 - don't be jealous.

2010-08-13 - 11:11 p.m.

I did not love BlogHer 10. Itís no fault of the conference itself Ė it was not like high school, and everyone seemed friendly enough Ė it was definitely me.

Sure, I made the mistake of going with my husband Ė a non-blogger Ė and thus spent the weekend with a foot in both worlds, i.e. during time with him I felt like I was missing out on the conference and while at the conference I felt like I was missing out on exploring New York. But really, it ran deeper than that.

The fact is, I was totally unable to find my tribe. It was like being at an anti-Weetacon. I have decided that, while attendees come in an almost infinite variety of stripes and colours, the average attendee is really nothing like me.

I do not sparkle. I donít really wear makeup. I donít do my hair, or my face when I get up in the morning. I donít wear Spanx. The clothes I bring for the evening gala are less dressy than those worn by others to the sessions. In the unlicensed airport limo, Iím the only one with a seatbelt on, while others are lolling on the banquette and asking the driver how do we get some champagne up in here, yo?

I swear to God, I sat down at a table with my lunch hoping to join a conversation in progress, only to find that said conversation centered entirely on hair: what cut looks good with straight hair, what to do with curls, what product would work on what hair typeÖ it did not stop the entire time I was there. I get my hair cut at a discount chain twice a year; I truly did not have anything to contribute, but no way to beat a hasty retreat.

And Iím a bit of a dinosaur, apparently. I still ask what a person blogs about rather than what their twitter handle is. I rather quaintly suggested to a couple of people that they ring my room and leave a message if they wanted to coordinate a meal or something, only to get the response that they would ďtweetĒ me when they were getting ready for dinner. I think I was the only person there with absolutely no way to send or receive tweets. Not that it mattered because when I checked my twitter at home it didnít appear that I missed any dinner invitations.

Yes, I went to BlogHer í07, so surely I would have known what to expect at BlogHer í10? And I didnít really love that conference either, but it was much smaller and I managed to make some connections. This time though, I felt like everything rushed around me while I tried and failed to look as though I belonged. There were no cozy chats about photography on the floor with Jen Lemen or over lunch with Tracey Clark. There was no Zoot to introduce me to Marilyn or split a pizza with in her room. I didnít meet a Weetabix whoíd think me interesting enough to invite to an event in her hometown. I donít think anyone found me interesting at all, to tell you the truth, though one woman was gracious enough to find me charming when I forced her to look at pictures of my kids.

The high point of the whole conference was when I spotted Linda of All & Sundry not long after I arrived at the hotel. I walked up and introduced myself, and she was as awesome and funny and approachable as she seems in her writing, and she even knew who I was! Sadly, I did not manage to run into her again.

A close second was spotting my image that I had on display as part of the gallery at the Gala on Friday night. I hadnít seen it printed out before, and it was pretty cool to see my work displayed amongst that of Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman fame.

Am I glad I went? Well, sort of I guess. Iím glad I got that 48 hours with my husband and no kids. Iím glad I went to New York and Iím glad I experienced BlogHer í10, even if my experience didnít measure up to that of a lot of the participants. After all, if I hadnít gone, I would have never known that really, I wouldnít have missed much.

So now that I've got a 50/50 track record, the question is: do I break the tie at BlogHer '11 in San Diego?

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