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2010-07-28 - 3:24 p.m.

Woe is me. Well, woe is Biscuit, which results in woe is me, and woe is J, who is home with the little man. I noticed that he seemed not quite himself last night, but it was subtle so I dismissed it as my imagination. Nope. He woke with a fever at 5:00 am, complaining that his ear hurt. I got him some childrenís Motrin right away and, knowing how anything can set off his delicate stomach, I put a towel under him on his bed.

Good call, because he threw up at 5:30. We got him cleaned up and more serious puke-control measures were put in placeÖ and he threw up again within 10 minutes. After one more cleaning up and back to bed he fell asleep until 10:00. J is home with him because Iím chairing a meeting today, but Jís keeping him dosed on the meds and things are looking up: heís had a couple of pieces of toast and some apple juice and kept them down, and the fever hasnít returned.

Sigh. Best-case scenario is this being a short-lived bug and weíll just have another two weeks of re-introducing foods to him. Worst-case, well, hopefully that would just mean the intermittent vomiting of last time and further back-sliding on the scale for him. I donít really want to contemplate the possibility of anything worse than that.


Hey, I made gazpacho the other day! And it turned out fairly well! I threw in some cucumber, lots of tomatoes (peeled first Ė what a pain that was!), salt, pepper, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a couple of drops of worcestershire sauce, parsley, fresh oregano and basil, a touch of Spanish onion, green pepper, a clove of garlic, a splash of both red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar, as well as a drizzle of olive oil and a glug of water, and blended it all up.

Itís very summery and goes well with cheese and crackers. Itís good for you too Ė I think I got a couple of fruit Ďn veggie servings in one cup!


Who are you PWGSC person? And are you someone I know? I see your ISP in my stats you know.


Starting next Tuesday I'll be doing full-time French training for a month for my job! On the one hand, it'll be cool to do something different for a bit. On the other, I suspect it will be very mentally taxing. Oh well, I think I'm up to the challenge...


What would you do mid-winter: a week at a Beaches resort where your every whim is catered to and they look after your kids, or a month with your two kids in a beach house in Costa Rica, and your husband only joining you for the last week? (Though your mom and maybe some friends might cover the other 3 weeks between them.)


Speaking of my mom, she may be getting married! It's not for sure yet, but she's thinking about marrying her partner of 3 years. Those of you keeping score at home will know that said partner is my husband J's father, which would make us, technically, step-siblings.

It's okay though, because we got married first, right? Unusual, but not creepy. Um, right?

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