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Summer time and the livin' is (almost) (for the most part) easy.

2010-07-06 - 4:04 p.m.

Biscuit hit 20th percentile for weight. Yay! Aaaannd, he got a stomach bug and threw up for a couple of days. His weight dropped. He was fine for almost a week, then threw up for a couple more days. He lost a bit more. A few days of fine, a half day of throwing up. A couple of days of fine, another minor episode. His hard-earned poundage has been trickling off him.

I donít know where heís at right now, but after the first week and a half heíd lost .6 of a kilo (thatís about 1 1/3 pounds for you imperial users). Iím pretty sure that means heís dropped back well below the 5th percentile again, and his shoulder blades are painfully sharp wings on his back. Sigh.

It seems like part of the problem is dairy. After getting over his dairy allergy and drinking almost a litre of whole milk per day for the last couple of months, he canít seem to tolerate it at all now. His relapses have mostly, but not always, followed the re-introduction of dairy into his diet.

So weíre sticking with soy for awhile. I didnít know an allergy could come and go and come again, but maybe itís just that itís the hardest thing for him to digest because of his history with it. Itís too bad because the little dude LOVES cheese.


Iíve been busy over at my Etsy shop these days, tidying, sorting, adding, and tagging images. Iíve joined a treasury-making group called Curation Nation and started making treasuries. Itís fun and Iíve already had someone ask about potentially buying one of my images. Fingers crossed it goes through.

Iíve also been putting up something at least once every couple of weeks on my photography blog. Iím prodded into doing this by the fact that Iíve still got that bi-weekly diptych project going with Preetalina Photography. Itís a bonus when I add more entries than that minimum though; time is in short supply.

And Iím also a regular contributor to a local parenting blog Kids in the Capital. Iíd like to write more there and will hopefully add something in the next few weeks.

Good thing the weather is so unseasonably warm that I donít mind being inside on the Ďputer more than usual! This doesnít mean Iím chained there though: I do hang with my kids in the backyard a lot when the sun isnít directly overhead and their wading pool beckons our hot feet. And on Sunday the whole family went to the air-conditioned gym where the kids enjoyed the toys and playmates at the childminding and the adults worked up a sweat. It felt sooo good to be active outside of the fitness classes I teach.

And then we went to my motherís in the country where the kids played in a water-filled laundry tub on the front porch and I made up for every calorie Iíd burned at the gym by snacking my way throughout the afternoon. Ah summer, how I love you!

Hope your enjoying your lazy, hazy days of summer. Iíll make sure to check back in soon.

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