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Impending visit and BlogHer, yea or nay?

2010-06-10 - 11:31 a.m.

Work is pretty hopping, though I just finished a big file so whew for that, but it seems like this summer is definitely starting to heat up.

This weekend Iíve got my sister in-law coming with her husband and three kids. Theyíll be here all weekend so weíre already in full-on clean-up and laundry mode. Plus planning the meals will be interesting, since between the kids there are allergies to:
- dairy
- soy
- eggs
- peanuts
- tree nuts

My sister in-law herself is allergic to:
- pets (only an issue if we end up going to my momís)
- feathers (a problem because most of our bedding is feather-filled)

As well, Iíve been trying to set up a non-coffee coffee get-together (itíd be after 9pm and neither of us would likely order anything with caffeine) with a new friend and this weekend was originally going to be a good time for it, plus thereís the possibility Friday of meeting up for dinner with an interesting acquaintance from out of town, and itís not like sheís around here often so Iíd hate to miss the opportunity.


Iím back-and-forthing on BlogHer. I have a ticket. I have a hotel reservation. I donít have a plane ticket. Nor do I have the conviction that the kids (okay, Biscuit) can be left with the grandparents for 4 days/3 nights. Much as I love my mother, I have to admit sheís not exactly motherly. And it turns out that sheís not exactly grand-motherly either. Biscuit is at that stage where he requires near-constant vigilance lest he hurt himself or destroy property, or at least make a huge mess. And this is when heís not trying to be picked up, which is rare. We, his parents, can find the demands of toddlerhood wearying, and thatís in our own house which is relatively kid-proof. Throw in a house full of ceramic items at floor- or knee-level, plus food and water dishes for the pets, and chicken poop in the yard, and sharp gardening implements in the porch (letís not forget the cork board full of pushpins thatís temporarily-for-the-last-year been stored in an open basket on the floor beside the window to the porch) and youíve got an all-day job on your hands with just him, forget about his sister who also likes attention.

The other thing is that my husband is bound-and-determined to come to New York with me. If I go to the BlogHer stuff Iíll feel like Iím missing out on all the New York activities I could be doing with him; if I do stuff with him, Iíll feel like Iím wasting my money on the BlogHer ticket. Not to mention, I planned the BlogHer thing when I was still home with the kids. Now that Iím working full-time and then some, I kind of donít want to go on a 4-day holiday without seeing them.

Iíve considered: scrapping New York; going to New York but for only a couple of nights and selling my BlogHer ticket; going for a one- or two-night getaway with J somewhere completely different than New York (Halifax, Montreal, and St. Johnís are in the running); taking another couple of days off and going somewhere with the kids as well as doing a night or two in New York without them; staying home but still taking a couple of days off work and having the kids stay with the grandparents for one night only; and a combination of the above.

Moneyís not hugely tight but I donít want to waste it either. The bigger question for me is how to best spend my time. And if I do something separate with the kids, what should it be? Biscuit likes the beach, but heíd probably like the local beach almost as much as the ocean at his age.

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