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A day in the life.

2010-05-21 - 12:26 p.m.

I wake up to the Biscuit bleating for his bottle, then Grommet runs in for a quick morning cuddle and we all settle in under the blanket for a few minutes. And thenÖ

Roll out of bed; brush hair, office clothes on, donít forget to throw the lanyard holding my bus and security passes over my head. Now for the kids: layers, so that as the cool morning phases into the hot afternoon they can peel down. Grommet, please get dressed sweetheart. Biscuit: onesie with snaps or t-shirt? Pants? Are these Capri-length cloth pants handed down from your sister too girly? Hope not because theyíre the perfect weight for this spring weather, so on they go. Grommet, get dressed please, your clothes are right there. There! Beside your turtle! Letís see: extra swimsuits in case itís hot enough to run through the sprinkler at daycare; extra clothes in case someone gets pee on themselves because either their diaper isnít changed soon enough or they canít quite make it to the potty because they were so busy and excited doing other things they let it go too long; sheets and pillowcases I washed over the weekend and blankets I didnít (why does she send them home every week? I donít wash blankets after only 4 days light use for naptime only.); extra diapers and wipes for the diaper bag; plastic tub of snacks for grouchy car passengers; bottle of organic whole milk for Biscuit. Grommet, get dressed right now young lady! We have to get going! Iíll meet you downstairs for breakfast. Grab some cereal Ė dry for Biscuit, with milk for Grommet Ė and pick a fruit to try to tempt them with. Thank you for getting dressed now eat your breakfast. Sigh when they ignore the fruit. No, you can only bring one toy each in the car. Okay two but thatís it. Put my wallet and phone in my pockets. Get your shoes on please. Shoes on. Grab the first toy you see, then get your shoes on! Yes, you can wear your sandals. Great! Now try to help your brother to get his sandals on, Iíll load the car. Are we ready to go? Youíre right, we need sweaters; Iíll grab them. Here you go, Iíll get Biscuitís on, you can do yours and Iíll help you with the zipper if you need me to. One hand, then the other, good boy! Can you click yourself in Grommet? Wow, good girl! Youíre getting so big! Okay, weíre off!

Ö and thatís just to get out of the house. After that thereís the breathless drop-off at daycare, complete with endless hugs and sometimes a few tears from the toddler whoís used to his mumma being around all day by the end of the weekend. Then itís off the switch cars and catch the bus at the park Ďn ride, do my more than an hour bus commute, do a full day of work at the office, head home by bus again (unless itís Tuesday, when I go straight to teach my class at the gym and get home too late to really interact with the kids that night), grab a bite of whatever dinner is in progress that my amazing husband managed to throw together, take the kids out to play on the playset, possibly baths, teeth brushed, books, bedtime cuddles and goodnights. After which I can turn on the computer to do things like write blog entries, check personal and photography-related email, process photos, and keep up with administrative stuff like taxes or, this week, forms for our home warranty. Brush teeth, hit the hay, and be ready to start again the next morning.

Itís a busy life, but itís mine and I love it. I know that I would never be able to do this balancing act and incorporate everything thatís important to me if it werenít for my rock-solid husband: not a day goes by I donít think how lucky I am.

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