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Last post of the decade.

2009-12-30 - 4:22 p.m.


When I was growing up, everyone did the mental math to figure out how old theyíd be when the calendar rolled over to 2000. And Iím sure that, like me, no one really thought much beyond that. It never occurred to me to do the math for 2010, and itís only in the last week that I even caught on to the fact that the first decade of the new millennium was pretty much over (Iím quick like that).

And even though it seems like we just started the 2000s, I look back to where I was 10 years ago and my mind boggles at the difference. Iíve met and married my perfect match, and we have both a daughter and son together. I have tried on various jobs on the path of my current career, and sampled a couple of others besides, just to keep things interesting. I bought my first house. Then I knocked it down, built my new house, sold that house, moved to the Ďburbs, moved within the Ďburbs, and will be going back to that first Ďburb house sometime over the next year. Most likely. The plan is to stay put for at least another 6 years after that, but thatís assuming I can stop myself from buying and/or building another one during that time. Oh well, thereís always renovationÖ

In the last 10 years Iíve learned French. Iíve learned some photography and photography-software skillz. Iíve learned how to help people get a great workout in sync with music. Iíve learned a bit about residential design and construction. Iíve learned how to change a poopy diaper on the trunk of a car. Iíve learned how to get up at dawn almost every morning. Iíve learned that friends are important, but time with family is even more so. Iíve learned a whole lot about love.

Iíve learned a bit about chasing dreams; Iíve learned a bit about letting go. Iíve learned that both are enormously important to oneís happiness and sanity.

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