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Days getting shorter, list of things to do getting longer.

2009-11-20 - 4:26 p.m.

So let us recap my current obligations, shall we?

- mother to two young children
- full-time office job
- part-time job teaching at the gym
- own, fledgling photography business which these days includes:
- a show currently running at the Glebe Community Centre art gallery
- trying to gear up for Christmas by producing calendars from my images
- collaborating with 65 other members of the Female Photographers of Etsy (fPOE) on a book!
- trying to expand both my Etsy shop and my website
- getting some pics to people that Iíve been promising for a shamefully long time
- wife to a wonderful man, who is busy in his own right, what with owning his own business and having a life too
- writer of this here blog

I have not even made mention of social obligations that are starting to ramp up at this time of year.

While I would never say that this list is in precise order of importance, you can see which one is at the end, and thatís probably fairly accurate. This may, in fact, be one of only a few times in years and years of blogging that Iíve gone a couple of weeks without updating.

Here are the highlights of recent activity:

Biscuit got the H1N1 vaccine. Because of his egg allergy he had to have it at the hospital under a doctorís supervision, and they gave him 10% of his Ĺ dose, watched him for Ĺ and hour, then gave him the rest and watched him for an hour. He got a fever that night and was too grouchy for daycare the next day, but I feel a lot better now that heís been vaccinated.

Iím not feeling better about the fact that heís still only 3rd percentile for weight for his age. WTF dietician and gastroenterologist? Weíve had him on your recommended feeding regimen for almost 3 months now, but he hasnít gained any ground on the charts. We might as well have continued to feed him his beloved yogurt, for all the good your dairy-free diet is doing. Okay, weíve continued to butter his toast and he does still get the odd goldfish cracker or small lump of cheese, but that canít possibly account for his stubborn refusal to gain weight. Heís doing the soy milk/hypoallergenic formula (which I assume is made from pure gold, based on its cost)/multivitamin/oil mixture you told us to put him on, but the kid just doesnít seem to want to eat much. WHAT ARE WE TO DO NOW?!?! WHAT???

Also in Biscuit news, heís toddling all over the place now; sometimes he even runs. He still falls down a lot, but I have to admit, heís no longer a baby and is firmly in the ďtoddlerĒ category.

Have I mentioned he still canít clearly say a single word besides Mama? Oh, he can sometimes luck out and enunciate something as clear as a bell, but two minutes later heís back to gog, gak and guk for dog, cat and duck. When do I get him evaluated? Heíll be a year and a half in under 2 weeks.

Grommet sometimes drives us crazy in the evenings these days:

ďEat your dinner.
Your dinner.
Put it in your mouth, chew and swallow.
If you donít eat your dinner you wonít be able to go to the library tonight.
That piece right there. Yes now swallow it.
Swallow whatís in your mouth or Iím taking your dinner because you clearly donít want it.
Okay, you donít want it, itís gone.
No, you donít want it. If you did youíd have eaten more than one forkful over the last 20 minutes.
Stop freaking out. You didnít want it. You even said so.
If you canít be pleasant, go to your room until you calm down.
I donít care if you donít want to go, thatís kind of the point.
To. Your. ROOM!!!Ē

Lather, rinse, repeat the next night.

I know, I should pick my battles and this shouldnít be one of them, yet I seem to get trapped in this spiral all. The. Damn. Time.


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