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2009-11-03 - 2:04 p.m.

If it’s any indication of what the weekend was like, and how much transition to standard time kicked my ass, I went to bed at 7:00 pm last night.

I’m not saying I didn’t have fun this weekend, far from it. I loved taking the kiddlywinks out in their adorable Halloween costumes. BUT it was a gruelling schedule that even precluded our weekly dinner at the ‘rents.

Saturday morning I took Grommet and Biscuit – also known for this outing as Dragon and Chicken – to a Halloween party at my dad’s club. There we played games, watched a part puppet/part live-action show about a group of French Canadian fur-trapping lumberjacks, and partook of a yummy buffet brunch. While it was a challenge to keep both kids happy and fed – particularly since I forgot to alert the venue to Biscuit’s egg allergy ahead of time – I have to admit they were both amazing. Even Biscuit, 17 months old though he is, sat quietly through the whole 45 minute theatrical production, only stirring when I handed him his bottle, then settling down to drink from it while he watched. From there we went home for naps while daddy was at the hockey game, then when he came home it was an early dinner followed by trick-or-treating.

Sunday saw us at the Canadian Museum of Nature, where I left the kids in the care of their dad and Uncle Bob to go show my portfolio at a gallery that specializes in photography on Bank St. in Old Ottawa South. While, deep down I have a fear of being laughed out of the place warring with the wild hope that I’ll be offered my own solo show on the spot, the outcome was satisfyingly far from the first option, even if it wasn’t the second: the owner said I had some interesting work and if they decide to put together a group show with a theme that my work fits well with (e.g., colour, abstract or plants) they’ll definitely give me a call, and in the meantime I was encouraged to submit a piece or two to the two calls for material they recently sent out. Not bad.

Then I met up with the fam for dinner before once again heading out with my images to put them up for my solo show at the Glebe Community Centre art gallery, where (I think I’ve mentioned) I’m the featured artist for this month.

Now that November is here I feel like there’s all this stuff I should be doing with my pictures for the holiday shopping season, like creating calendars. I’m also participating in a book project with the Female Photographers of Etsy (fPOE). And yet, all I want to do, from about 5:00 pm onwards is get into my bed and sleeeeepp…

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