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Fast October, H1N1 and courting friends.

2009-10-26 - 9:50 a.m.

I have a love/hate relationship with October, and both are because itís so busy. This weekend was the last of family birthdays (J, Uncle Bob, Jo, me, and my dad), and with both Thanksgiving and the nephewís christening thrown in all our weekends have been loaded. Saturday coming up weíve been invited to a brunch by friends-of-friends that weíre kind of courting as friends of our own*, my dad has offered to either take Grommet on his own or have Grommet, Biscuit, and I all come to a Halloween party at his club, J has a Sens hockey game to go to, then itíll be trick-or-treating time for our little ones and Iím hoping Uncle Bob can man the fort to distribute candy to kids that will come trooping up our walk. I even had to turn down an invitation to attend an art show the same day.

November is typically slower, though itíll kick off with hanging photos for my first solo photography show at the Glebe Community Centre art gallery, which runs from November 1st to 28th. While Iím absolutely thrilled to be chosen for this honour (and particularly pleased that my month coincides with the well-attended Christmas Craft Sale in the same building), I also feel the need to caution people that their gallery space doubles as a meeting room. If you happen to be in the Ďhood and drop by donít be expecting a giant gallery, manned by staff.

I think weíre going to line up for the H1N1 shot later today. Getting this shot is a no-brainer with an underweight 16-month old in the house with respiratory problems. The odds of the shot causing problems is far, far smaller than the odds that the H1N1 will seriously harm Biscuit if he gets it. Biscuit is in the ďhigh riskĒ category but allergic to eggs, so J and I are considered to fall under the ďcaregivers of a high risk individual who cannot get the shotĒ category. Grommet is on the list all on her own because she falls in the ď1 to 6 years oldĒ category. Iíve told her that the shot will sting for a few moments but that itíll be over quickly, and that itís much better than getting sick, and that we need to get the shot to protect her brother, so sheís agreed to do it. Well, also because I promised her a treat after the shot was over. Itís not that I would let her not get the shot because she didnít want to, but itís nice to let her think itís voluntary and that I appreciate her bravery for the sake of her brother. Iím hoping that she doesnít wig out too much because Iíve got the prescription for her to start the Twinrix shots soon too, and thatís a series of 3 needles.

Iím also hoping other kids around here that can get the shot do so. I need that ďherd immunityĒ effect to protect my baby.


* Ah yes, the trying-to-make-adult-friends thing. I know itís important to have friends in our peer group, and I know we need to make time for this to happen. Unfortunately we also need to make time for family which includes aging grandparents and great-grandparents. And for work. And kid-centric activities. And the normal day-to-day routine of keeping the kids fed and bathed and feeling loved. This is a busy time and I canít imagine itíll slow down any as the kids start school and make more friends and get involved in group activities like sports and lessons. At least maybe when they do weíll have a chance to kill two birds with one stone and actually meet other parents who sit on the sidelines while their kids do the sports and lessons too.

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