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2009-10-02 - 4:29 p.m.

I skipped lunch, went to a meeting that ran Ďtil twenty minutes after three, then, in a frenzy of hunger, bought and scarfed most of a small tub of hummus, using half a pita and a handful of carrot sticks as, essentially, spoons. (Yes, there are a ton of commas in that sentence, and yet to take them out makes it read wrong to me.)

Am full.


Tomorrow my best friend and her family are coming to visit. Itís her birthday, Jís birthday, and Uncle Bobís (our roommate) birthday, all on the 3rd of October. Crazy, no? Weíre going to eat Thai or Mexican, put the youngest members of our troupe to bed, and play cards, put the second-youngest batch to bed, then break out theÖ well, maybe the wine? I donít really drink and J drinks even less than me, but we have a whole liquor cupboard full of stuff and all the other grownups enjoy a good tipple, so I might even raise a glass or two of something myself. Even if I decide against that, Iím planning on making cupcakes so there will be indulgence going on NO MATTER WHAT.

Itís going to be AWESOME!


I have already gotten J a gift that Iíve declared most emphatically will NOT be his birthday gift. I wanted to acknowledge how much heís stepped up since Iíve gone back to work; picking up the kids, trying to ensure thereís dinner on the table, keeping the place from being encrusted with a layer of filth, you know how it goes. So, Iím sending him to a hockey game with his BFF in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, that is where Iíve run out of good ideas. If youíve got any, please share them before midnight tonight. Please? Anyone?


Must go pick up sour cream for the cupcake recipe. What? You want a link? Okay, here it is. Enjoy! I skip the cream filling but these are divine even without it, and even easier to make. Trust me.

Oh and if you're reading this and looking for a gift for me for my birthday next week? The author of the site that link brings you to has put out a cookbook. I'm just sayin'.

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