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Yes, I mentioned Christmas.

2009-09-29 - 12:50 p.m.

Itís pouring outside, in true fall fashion. Iíve graduated to Capri-length pants with my bright yellow rubber boots, sandals when itís dry. It wonít be long before Iím in full-length pants and closed shoes, and after that itíll be my enormous insulated winter boots.

This past weekend, Biscuit started charging around while holding onto our fingers. I know what youíre thinking: didnít he start taking steps on his own recently? Isnít this news then kinda backwards? Nope. He has never trusted us enough to walk while holding onto us, preferring instead to beetle along the furniture or holding onto a wheeled toy. The instant we tried to get him to take our hands or even to hang onto our clothes while we moved heíd get alarmed and lower himself bum-first to the floor. I guess now that he knows he can walk a bit on his own it doesnít feel like heís so dependant on us to keep him upright and will take that bit of extra support.

Tomorrow I get paid! Yay! Itíll be nice to have an income again, particularly right before the mortgage comes out of my account the next day. And just in time to buy some birthday gifts. October is a big month for that in my family (my husband, our roommate and my dad, and my step-mother is at the end of September but I donít generally see her until Thanksgiving to give her a gift Ė I have my birthday on the 9th but donít have to worry about buying anything for that one, though my husband does), plus this year we have a nephewís baptism to buy a gift for, and in general Iím starting to be on the lookout for Christmas presents around now too.

I was thinking of belts with cute buckles for all three little girls in the family this year. Itís a lot easier for youngíuns to use a buckle than operate a standard belt closure, and I found some adorable ones just for children at Beltz4Kidz.com. Thereís no shipping until the end of tomorrow either, so itís worth buying them now. In a couple of years Iíll probably get the two boys the same, but maybe the tractor and firetruck instead of the cupcakes and ladybug Iím eyeing for the girls. Iíve already got a few little things for the ĎRents, but canít say what they are here because I suspect my momís found my blog.

Itís not like Iíve ever gone out of the way to hide it or anything; I would think mentioning that Iím going to BlogHer more than once would be a big clue. But itís not like Iíve ever sent her a link or anything either. I did, however, send her a link to a recipe that Iíd forgotten Iíd commented on that had my name linked back here, and the next time I saw her she asked if the Shawna in the comments was me. Then later that day something mildly amusing transpired and she pointedly said something about how she had a feeling that that would show up online.

To be honest though, she has such a slow connection where she lives out in the country and so little time to doodle around online I would be surprised if she is reading regularly. Still you never knowÖ So yeah, if youíre reading this, Hi Mom!

Oh hey, Iíve got a collaboration in the works with another Etsy photographer. Hopefully Iíll be posting something about it over in my shop sometime soon. Even if it gets delayed, itís time to revitalize that place a bit so there should be some fall updating going on over there to get ready for the Christmas shopping season and potential visits from people who see my work at the Glebe Community Centre, where Iíll be the featured artist for the month of November. Feel free to drop by.

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