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2009-09-03 - 9:10 a.m.

Am in moving and unpacking hell. Send help. Also, Cheetos.


Been a long week. In short:

Packed, moved, and am in the process of unpacking.

Have either a cold or allergies. This place is in a construction zone and, if you'll pardon me for saying so, it is motherfucking dusty around here.

Had no internet for awhile.

Had two photo shoots from which I have to get the pics to the clients SOON.

Biscuit took his first deliberate few steps unaided last week. It was from my arms to his grandpa's.

Biscuit had a visit to the gastroenterologist two days ago. More to come on this.

Am starting back to my full-time desk job tomorrow after 15 months off. Will be an interesting transition and no doubt there will also be more to come on this.

Cannot find library movie due yesterday. Send help. Possibly in the form of Lassie or Encyclopedia Brown.

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