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2009-08-10 - 10:56 p.m.

Last Tuesday J handed me a twenty dollar bill and told me to go see Harry Potter at the theatre and that it started in 20 minutes. Whoa. A movie? In the theatre? No kids? For the whole evening?


Imagine my dismay then, when I got there and found it sold out. I called J and he looked up other theatres and the best option seemed to be a 20-minute drive away, and it started in, guess what? 20 minutes.

I hightailed it down there and got there right in the nick of time, however, seeing as how it was cheap Tuesday and pouring rain, there was a huge line at every available kiosk. Not to be deterred, I zipped over to the courtesy desk and the following ensued:

Me: Hi! I just came from Barrhaven where Harry Potter was sold out. Before I wait in line here too, could you tell me if it’s sold out so I won’t waste my time?

Theatre guy checks his computer.

TG: Nope, you’ll probably be in the front section, but there is room.

Me (brightly): Great! It’s just me so I can probably find an okay seat anyway!

TG: Yeah, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I start to turn away, look at the line and turn back.

Me: Um, you work here… do you know how long it will take to get through the line when it’s that long? (gesturing) It’s starting right now and I have a three year old at home and don’t get to go to movies very often and I’ve really been looking forward to seeing Harry Potter and I’d hate to miss much of it…

TG (looking over at the line and back at me): Come with me…

Whereupon he escorts me up to the theatre level and past the ticket collector. He gestures at the door, smiles and says “Enjoy the show.”

Sweet! I thank him profusely, duck in, and only miss the first preview. When I get home I say to J, “Here’s your change.” And gleefully give him back his twenty bucks.

There was a time it wasn’t unusual to get free stuff, though it happens less often these days. It’s not that I’m a “flirt” as J says, I’m just friendly, and I’ve found that people often want to be nice so sometimes all that you have to do is give them the opportunity. I don’t ask for things (unless I’m making a serious purchase, then I may say straight out, is that your best price?), I may just outline a situation where it occurs to someone that a small gesture that’s easily within their power to make, and won’t really cost them anything, would likely make my day. Voila, we’re both happy.

And speaking of happy… it was my 6-year wedding anniversary yesterday! We didn’t do much but we’ll make up for it with a weekend getaway this weekend coming up…

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