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2009-06-23 - 10:39 p.m.

The little man is, well, not exactly walking on his own, and he wonít walk holding our hands (apparently we are not to be trusted to keep him from plummeting), and he wonít walk holding onto one of the many wheeled toys he has for just that purpose, but he has started pushing the small Ikea chairs across the floor and, yes, walking behind them!

J talks about Biscuit becoming an NHL player. I say no, this child, like his sister before him and his mother before her, is just no daredevil. I spent many an hour shuffling cautiously across the ice on skates as a child, and I never. Got. Better. No matter how much time I spent trying. Sorry J. My cautious genes are winning so far.

I have now applied to two more Art in the Parks this summer. Hopefully Iíll hear back from the July one soon. If I donít get in I may start to reconsider whether my images are good enough for this endeavour. Youíd think the heady success of the Tulip Festival Art Gallery would sustain me for longer than this, but youíd be wrong: nothing undermines oneís confidence like not even getting into shows.

I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by. I had a dentist appointment last week and they booked my next, 9-months-hence appointment... for next March. Seriously. March. As in, the dying gasps of next winter, and it's only 9 months away. Gah.

I have other things to write about, but Iím going to have to continue this in a day or two. Iíve been getting to bed much later than is my wont lately, and am determined to be asleep before 11:00 pm tonight. I didnít want yíall to think Iíd forgotten you.

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