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The deal of the century.

2009-05-29 - 10:33 p.m.

Picture this: your husband has re-arranged his work schedule so you could go to one of the BIGGEST garage sale events of the year, SOLO. Mid-morning you find a chair for sale which you know is a ridiculous steal for ten dollars. You give them the money and promise to come with the car to pick it up. A couple of hours later you drive up, only to find the young lady you bought it from replaced by a rather unhappy-looking older woman who confronts you as you get out of your car…

UOW - “I’m sorry, but this is a very expensive chair. It should never have been sold for ten dollars.”

Me – Um, but I bought it. I mean, I’ve already paid for it.

UOW – I know, and I’m cancelling the sale.

Me – Where’s the person who sold it to me?

UOW – She’s my daughter and she’s inside.

Me – Oh, so you’re in charge then.

UOW – Yes.

Me – Well, how much are you asking for it now?

UOW – I’m sorry, but I can’t let it go for less than 20 dollars.

Me – (thinking: Are you freaking kidding me all that fuss and confrontation and discomfort and you want a measly extra ten bucks? I was thinking you were going to ask for, like a hundred.) Hm. Well, when I bought it, it didn’t have the stand or headrest I see it has now, so, sure, it’s worth that to me. I’ll look at it as the chair for ten and the stand for ten.

Thereafter ensues much relieved babbling from the woman about how expensive the chair is and how it was a gift but doesn’t fit into her décor and, hey, did I want to take anything else that they have for sale as a “bonus” item? So I hand over another ten dollars, stuff the chair in my car, grab a black Nike toque, smile, and beat it outta there.

Want to see the chair? This is probably the cheapest deal I found in a brief search. Yep, eight hundred dollars, plus a hundred dollar delivery charge. That woman was right, it was a very expensive chair, and she was certainly within her rights to double the price to, um, twenty bucks. Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Oh, and I got a trčs cool-looking brown leather jacket for myself for five bucks and a Leap Pad Learning System with 5 books and cartridges for my daughter, plus sundry odds and sods. But I don’t think I will EVER beat that chair buy.

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