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Good news, bad news, good news.

2009-04-25 - 9:54 p.m.

You know how you have friends that you don’t see for awhile and then you finally get together and you actually have trouble getting the conversation flowing because you haven’t seen each other in so long that you really feel beholden to try to report only the significant events that have transpired in your life, yet, you have other friends you see all the time and you’re never at a loss for chitchat and it’s probably because you see them so often that they’re totally up on all the heavy, significant stuff as soon as it happens so you feel totally comfortable just sharing the minutiae that you think would bore most people?

Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel about posting only once a week.

Let’s get the big stuff out of the way:

Thing the first: the Biscuit saw a pediatrician for his lack of weight gain. I loved this pediatrician and found his advice to be pretty helpful so far, particularly since within a day of following it Biscuit is now actually eating some solids and doesn’t have to be constantly tricked into opening his mouth. More on this in a whole entry devoted to it.

Thing the second: I did not get into Art in the Park in the Glebe this year. After almost 3 years of planning for it. And it totally sucks because, despite the fact that the website said, “This festival has been organized to provide a high quality event for artists to network with the public and their colleagues, and to promote their studio practice. SELLING art should be regarded as a welcome by-product of this exhibition and not its sole purpose.” (bold emphasis mine – well, actually it was all bolded originally) and I don’t exactly have a very well established studio practice, I really did think I’d get in because, well, I like my pictures and quite a few other people seem to too.

The rejection letter basically said, “You’re not good enough for us, but hey, why not try Art in Strathcona Park? They might take our rejects!” Well I think I just might do that, since I’ve been to that Art in the Park and it seems pretty fun and there was a lot of overlap with the one in the Glebe and it’s only one day instead of two and the table fee is less than half, so, to borrow a phrase from a couple of well-known internet bloggers, the Glebe event organizers can SUCK IT, for the aforementioned reason and because…

Thing the third: I am one of the official artists for the Canadian Tulip Festival this year. My photography will be sold in the Tulip Art Gallery in Commissioner’s Park and there will probably be many, many times the people – and from all over the world, at that - going through there over the 3-weekend-spanning event than will be attending the Glebe Art in the Park, which is primarily a local event. I have to drop off 3 images this week and have some more ready to bring in if the first ones sell. I’ll get a special “Artist” badge to wear as I tiptoe through the tulips with my camera.

So, yeah, that’s the big stuff. Now I can go back to writing about my boobs. Just kidding. I’ll try to update on how the whole “first real exhibition” thing is going, as well as give the deets on the Pede appointment in the near future.

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