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Fattening up the baby, one spoonful at a time.

2009-04-16 - 10:03 p.m.

Hereís the deal, the Biscuit is FREAKING ME OUT! In addition to the fact that he lost 3 ounces in the last month instead of gaining any weight, he has recently started to do this jerky-head thing where he looks upwards at something and then shake-tilts his head from side. Other people have seen it and pronounced it adorable, but all I can think is that if I had a cat doing that Iíd take her to the vet for a check for ear mites, and since babies donít get ear mites it must be a brain tumour.

He has a paediatrician appointment AND an allergist appointment coming up in the next week and a half, so hopefully weíll have some answers as to why he pukes up anything rich and how to get him to eat things he can keep down. It has come to desperate measures in Casa 14B, let me tell you:

I confess, Iíve always sneered at the ďdessertĒ baby food. ďBabies donít need dessert.Ē I declared. ďAll that sugar isnít good for them and will just make them develop a taste for over-sweetened food. This is targeted at grownups who canít imagine going without dessert and think itís Ďdeprivingí their child if they donít give them junk after a meal.Ē

Grommet didnít have chocolate, cookies, or cake until she was almost two years old, but guess who bought their 10-month old baby ďBlueberry dessertĒ baby food today? Iíll eat crow if it means getting Biscuit to eat something with some substance. I looked at the ingredients and itís all organic fruit, brown rice flour, and cream, and best of all, itís got a calorie per mL so every small spoonful will actually deliver some much-needed energy.

J fed it to him tonight and he actually ate almost a quarter of the jar. I know that doesnít sound like much to people who are used to normal babies who can eat a jar or two of baby food at a time, but this was probably the most heís eaten in one sitting, ever. And he didnít like it but J patiently kept at it and I think thatís what itís going to take. Until now weíve been giving up when Biscuit has reached to point of crying, turning his head, batting the spoon away, and blowing raspberries to keep food from entering his mouth. Trouble is, he reaches that point after about 3 small spoonfuls of anything. So maybe it will take persisting a bit longer in hopes he gets used to it? I also got a tiny bit of formula into him today and he didnít take much but he didnít gag either, which is also an improvement.

Patience, persistence and practice; I donít have a ton of the first, but Iím working on it, for my sonís sake.

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