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2009-03-09 - 9:41 p.m.

Weve got a couple of irons in the fire, but if they dont pan out by this Wednesday, were going to list our house with a real estate agent. In the meantime, weve been cleaning the place and trying to keep it clean between showings. Bleah. Of course, listing with an agent wont mean we no longer have to prepare the house for showings, it just means we wont be the ones booking the showings any longer. And well be giving up 5% of our selling price in the form of commission. Bah.

Its not that I dont respect the work agents do, I just would have liked to be able to do it myself and save myself some money. Id like to think Im pretty real-estate savvy, yknow? I keep an eye on the local prices, have a decent grasp of how to market a property, and Lord knows I watch enough HGTV now that Im home with the Biscuit.


I know Ive cut back to updating only once a week lately. Im sorry for that, but Ive been having to split my computer time with getting my photography stuff done and my new website set up. Ive noticed about a 50% drop in readership as a result, so to those 4 people I have to say that Im sorry. I dont know when Ill be writing more often but I do promise not to go below this once-a-week thing Ive got going on right now, even if I am staring down the daunting barrel of having to learn things like WordPress and web design.


Biscuit is crawling with a lot more proficiency now that hes in his second week of this activity. I was wrong in my last entry, by the way, hes actually a month ahead of Grommet for this milestone. Still, she beat him on having teeth and talking, so it evens out.

One slightly perturbing development: at his 9-month check-up it was discovered that hes now dropped to only the 10th percentile for weight, while staying steady at 50% for height. This is a huge drop from the mini-sumo state he was in of 75th percentile. Dya think it might have something do to with eschewing solid foods still? This boy needs calories! He doesnt look scrawny, but hes not the plump little butterball he was, and now that hes even more active its more imperative than ever that he eat something! Weve tried yogurt this week, as well as cheese and corn, plus weve re-tried potatoes and all the usual suspects like rice cereal. Still nada. He hates it all.

Today hes got a fever so hes eating even less than usual. Poor little guy. I hope this bug goes away quickly and relatively painlessly. Hes also sleeping very restlessly so this, Im afraid, is it for now

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