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2009-02-23 - 8:03 p.m.

Hereís the thing: I have set up an Etsy shop for my photography. I donít have a ton of images up there, but Iíve put up a few. This confronts me with a conundrum: after years of writing online and very few in my ďreal lifeĒ knowing about it, I suddenly have a different kind of ďweb presenceĒ that Iím not sure how to approach. You see, my Etsy shop is ShawnaMylastname.etsy.com. Iím setting up my own domain name Ė which previously just brought people to a Google apps page Ė to forward to Etsy until I can get a proper site developed. My domain name is ShawnaMylastname.com.

Iíve always identified myself by my first name only here. Oh sure, it wouldnít be impossible to find out what my last name is if you really wanted to fine-comb through the site for clues. My kids go by aliases, as does my husband. I donít give specifics on my Workplaces. Heck, the fact that this place is called Compartment 14B is a nod to the fact that I have tended to separate different aspects of my life Ė my work, my home, my blogosphere/writing, my photography, etc.

And yet.

Iím faced with the fact that photography really is an area in which one builds a brand around oneís name. And I like my name. And, after well over 5 years, I can honestly say that I feel Iíve managed to keep myself out of dangerous waters in this journal in the sense that I donít talk about work and I donít think Iíve said much that would offend those who know me that arenít looking for a reason to be offended. So, should I let my real-life people in on this place? Well, no. Thatís not likely to happen. BUT, I may end up gathering the various threads of my life into a skein and put a blog section into my new website and transition there. Should I let you all in on the space? Well, this is a yes and no. I recognize that I shouldnít just ignore any chance to send people to check out my new venture. But at the same time, Iím not sure I want to just be followed over by all and sundry (not to be confused with All & Sundry, who can follow me anywhere she darn well pleases).

So hereís the thing: I know youíve been lurking. I see that you visit and I have no idea who you are because you just donít comment. But if you want to check out my photography stuff youíll have to stand up and identify yourself. Anyone who wants the new urls, just let me know. Drop me an email or leave your email address when you comment (it doesnít get posted) and Iíll be happy, nay, flattered to send you the link.


Donít worry, even though my posting here has been slowed down of late because I've been dividing my attention, Iíll still be posting here a good while yet I expect. Iím thrilled that anyone out there wants to visit my little corner over here, so thanks for coming by, even if you donít follow me any further down this path Iím blazing.

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