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2009-01-10 - 9:27 p.m.

Itís so close I can almost taste itÖ the launch of my Etsy shop for my photography! I have the shop set up and ready for listing items. I have my very own domain name set up with a hosting company and itís ready to forward people to Etsy*. I just have to order prints so that Iíll actually have a product on hand if, no, scratch that and think positively, when my first order comes in. This will let me test out a couple of printing services, and Iíll need prints for Art in the Park anyway in a few months. Plus I donít want to delay in getting orders out. If I get enough business to justify it Iíll get a better printer for photographs eventually and can print on demand, but for now I think Iíll go with a professional service provider. I also have to scope out shipping charges so that I know what to charge for it, but Iíve started to do that too.

For Art in the Park I have to decide what I want to do in terms of presentation of my work, but Iím pretty sure Iíll go with framed 8x10s for most of my display, with maybe one bigger framed print and one print on canvas so people will be able to see those options are available for ordering, plus a box of unframed 5x7s and 4x6s for sale and an album of my portfolio which includes my portrait work to entice some more custom jobs. Now I just have to figure out what to actually hang stuff on and get a tent in case itís raining.

And you all thought I was just busy with the baby these days, eh?

You know, Linda has written quite a bit about how exercising has such a positive impact on the rest of her life, and she is absolutely right. But Iíve also found that progress towards a dearly-held goal, even one that has nothing to do with the corporeal self, also has a positive effect that ripples outwards into other aspects of my life. Iíve been talking about doing this sort of thing for so long that to actually see real, substantial progress made me feel so good that I hit the gym with extra verve today, resolved to eat a bit better and drink more water, and gave me a slightly deeper reserve of patience with my kids. Oh and J may have found a side benefit to this as well. Iíll leave the specifics to your imaginationÖ

* The beauty of this setup is that it lets me get my domain name into circulation, but buys me time before I have to actually set up a site of my very own. Yet, I can choose amongst the applications that comes with my hosting service (WordPress, Gallery, Coppermine, etc.), download it and noodle around with it, taking my time to build it the way I want it, and then, only when Iím ready, I can set it up as a proper site. And itís cheap enough that I donít mind paying for it while it just forwards to my Etsy shop.

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