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2008 is over? Really?

2008-12-31 - 9:32 p.m.

The last day of 2008 has totally snuck up on me. I知 sure I値l be writing dates with the wrong year on cheques for at least a month, whereas usually by now I知 already starting to get ahead of myself and write the year coming up too early.

I moved so much during university, and for a few years after, that it still feels novel to finish a year in the same house as I started out in. Since we池e moving again in six months, I won稚 have that sensation this coming year, but for now I知 enjoying the fact that we have two sets of Christmas pictures in this house. Last year I was pregnant at this time and had just 田ome out as such to my co-workers so everyone finally knew. This year I have a six-month-old baby and am pretty certain that I won稚 be having any more.

My mother made the most awesome stockings for my kids. I wish, wish, WISH I could take pics and post them for you to see, but they have their names on them and, well, I hate to break it to you, but my kids real names aren稚 actually Grommet and Biscuit.

Now that Grommet is almost 3, this year is the first year she痴 really gotten into the Santa thing. She still couldn稚 be persuaded to sit on his knee, but she was keen on the whole leaving-him-cookies thing for sure, especially since it meant having extra cookies in the house 祖ause you can稚 exactly bake only three of them. In case you池e wondering, yes, we tell her that Santa is coming, but if she asks if he痴 real we won稚 lie to her. So far she痴 just taken him at face value so we池e going with that. Also, in our house Santa is strictly a stocking-filler only. No actual wrapped gifts. We think the credit for a good gift should go to the person who actually thought of it and went to the trouble and expense of getting it.

I was pleased with the gifts we got for the kids. Certainly Grommet seemed to appreciate them all; from the Spiderman, Curious George and Disney Princess bandaids, right on up to the Bilibo. Biscuit got a couple of things that were definitely too old for him now, but that we felt he壇 feel the lack of when he got older and his sister had them and he didn稚. For instance, we got them both aprons because I wear mine when Grommet and I bake together. They値l be good for crafts too. He also got a Bilibo and, really, I do think they池e better in pairs since they fit together well.

It痴 funny, but I really tried to not go overboard for these holidays. We set a spending cap with the 喪ents and I tried to keep the kids gifts reasonable. They池e only 6 months and almost-3 after all. In the end though, it still seemed like an orgy of gifts. Partly this is because the grandparents spending limit didn稚 seem to apply to the kids, partly it痴 because in the past J was the one who got Grommet痴 big gifts so when Christmas was near and I壇 been the one to get the majority of the gifts, he felt like he hadn稚 gotten enough and was afraid there wouldn稚 be much to unwrap under the tree. So, there was an eleventh-hour run to the store for a couple of bulky things to add to my carefully planned pile.

I can稚 complain about how things turned out for me though: I got a lot of stuff I wanted, including a 50mm lens for my camera and a UV filter for it. I致e also realized that the money I致e been hoarding through little odd jobs and birthday and Christmas gifts has added up to a tidy sum that might just allow me to splash out on the newest version of Photoshop. Not that it痴 covered the lot, mind you, but it痴 reduced the amount that I think of as the part that I壇 be out of pocket for significantly enough to maybe justify the purchase. Something to think about.

I致e really got to make a decision though: if my photography is going to be a self-supporting hobby or not. That is to say, I don稚 expect to make a living at it, but even if I知 going to try to make enough money for it to pay for itself in terms of equipment (camera stuff, software, printer, website, etc.) I値l need to bite the bullet and invest a bit of time and cash on it soon. Well, I feel safe in saying that this is one decision I can leave until next year. Particularly since next year is, at this very moment, two and a half hours away.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2009 be all you hope it to be!

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