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2008-12-16 - 9:42 a.m.

The eye of the beholder.
They're only weeds if you don't like them, and to me nothing says "spring" like the first dandelions.

It seems like this month is shaping up to be a time I talk about aspects of my life here I donít discuss much. The last couple of entries have been about fitness and the fact that I teach a fitness class; this one is about my photography.

Yes, I know Iíve mentioned that I take pictures. You may have noticed that this journal is oddly lacking in pics for someone who professes to be into photography. Other than the fact that I consider that to be a different compartment of my life (not 14B, clearly), this is also partly because I donít think Diaryland is a great platform for posting a lot of images. Also, I do plan on getting my own domain up and running in the new year, and its chief purpose will be to showcase my pictures. I do have a flickr account, but itís devoted exclusively to pictures of my kids for the purposes of sharing with friends and family.

However, there are a few things converging this month that has brought my photography to the forefront in my mind: Iíve been struggling with getting a shot of my kids that I deem worthy of sending in Christmas cards (finally managed this yesterday); I made those wonderful to look at, but infernal to put together, picture Christmas books for the Ďrents and my grandmother and this entailed doing a lot of post-processing to pics I had, and; Iíve been working on acquiring a reasonable competency at Photoshop, and waging some serious internal battles over whether to upgrade from my ancient version 7.0 so that I can work with my RAW format pics, or whether to buy Photoshop Elements, or just stick with what Iíve got. The full Photoshop CS4 is, like, a thousand bucks. But I just donít know if Elements would give me the same functionality. I guess it comes down to whether or not I really, truly, will be making a real go of making some money with my pictures. Photoshop will probably be a necessity if I do, plus it can be written off as a business expense.

The other thing is, Iím starting to think about entering some contests with my imagesÖ starting today with the pic at the top of this page, which is my entry in Greeblemonkeyís December Greeblepix contest. I figure if yíall vote for me Iím a shoe in for, well, at least 5 votes. Hey, maybe Iíll think big and aim for double digits. If you click the link I can at least guarantee that youíll see some cool shots, no matter whether you think mineís the best or not.

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