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2008-11-25 - 10:17 p.m.

Yes, itís been a week, but that darn Christmas photo book has been sucking up all my computer time. Itís almost eerie how I can sit down for ďjust a few minutesĒ and then glance at the clock to discover that itís been more like ďa few hoursĒ. Our version is now done Ė all 58 pages of it, and I donít even want to think about how much itís going to cost (I kept thinking, how could I not add this page of photos? Itís only 99 cents per page! But let me tell you, it adds up, particularly once youíve almost tripled the size of the basic book. But I digressÖ) Ė and the one for the Ďrents is close to done (and shorter at 38 pages), and Iím hoping my grandmotherís will be the fastest of all but I havenít even started it yet.

Wait. What? Did I not mention the Christmas photo book? Last year Uncle Bob did a lovely, basic, 20-page photo book, covering the preceding two years, for each of us for Christmas. We loved them so much that we decided to make it an annual tradition, so I duly sorted out my favourite snaps from the last year and took a crack at putting that puppy together using iPhoto on his MacBook. (No iPhoto or Mac? You can also create some pretty nifty looking books on Snapfish.com, and I believe there's a discount promotion code offered through Redbook right now.) The problem with doing it myself is twofold: one, I cannot bear to leave out any photo that I deemed worthy during my initial screening of the yearís worth of pics, and; two, by the time it gets here there will be no surprise whatsoever as to the contents and I fear Iíll be heartily sick of looking at the thing for awhile. On the upside: yay, precious memories preserved in paper form! For a ďphotographerĒ (I wonder if Iíll ever stop mentally putting that particular self-reference in quotes?) itís pretty shameful how few pictures I print. Plus my inner control freak gets to dictate exactly which pictures are included and how theyíre laid out.

Iíve also been channelling a domestic diva this past week. Well, not in terms of cleaning my house (har, har, HAR! As IF!), but in the kitchen Iíve been doing home cooking galore. No plans for dinner? Iíll just whip up a healthy, tasty stir fry out of leftovers and some bok choy. Donít want to spend the cash on a humdrum breakfast out? How does French toast with orange maple syrup and dark chocolate shavings sound? Looking for an activity to keep Grommet happy? Why not let her ďhelpĒ me make some muffins or chocolate chip cookies?

Also, we had our second and final appointment to pick colours and finishes for our new house today. Iím happy to report that our upgrade costs came in well under what I estimated our budget should be, and that this will remain true even after we do the after-market stuff like installing the hardwood. Weíll have money left over for things like rain gutters, window coverings, fences, land transfer taxes, etc. Best of all, Iím really pleased with our choices, even though they didnít cost a ton. Weíll be taking possession at the end of May and our foundation is already poured. Itíll be exciting to see it taking shape throughout the next 6 months.

So, yeah, less time on the crack-box than usual. I promise at least one more entry before another week goes by. Next week Biscuit turns 6 months (!) so I may even post a picture.

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