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Week round-up.

2008-11-14 - 8:26 a.m.

I had my first paid photography gig this week and almost all my computer time has been devoted to post-processing in Photoshop. You know, making some black and white, cropping, doing some deletion of, oh, say, crumbs of cheese on the toddler’s face (on the plus side, snacking improves a 2-year-old’s mood, on the downside it’s hard to keep her face clean). I must say, I think the clients are going to be very happy with the finished images, which I’ll probably turn over to them some time next week.


Grommet had her first dentist appointment this week and all our training of her to let us brush and floss her teeth paid off in spades. She was awesome. They cleaned and polished her teeth, flossed, and took x-rays. She also got a bevy of small toys from their loot box: a triceratops, a snake, a tattoo of Spiderman, and a small shoelace bracelet, plus two stickers and, of course, various tooth-care items like a toothbrush. She made out like a bandit. She is now asking to “go again”. It’s nice that she doesn’t have a fear of the dentist like a lot of kids. Let’s hope she never gets a cavity and always loves the dentist.


Biscuit is, like his sister, always garnering compliments about what a “good baby” he is. And he is, no doubt. However, when people say how “well behaved” he is, I usually chime in with “he’s definitely very good-natured.” There’s no such thing as well-behaved or poorly-behaved babies, after all; to say that implies that they know how they’re supposed to act and either do so or not deliberately. We’re very lucky though, to be sure, that our kids were both smiley, cooing bundles of yumminess.


Off to a photography tradeshow… If I’m going to continue to earn some extra cash from this I’d like to take all the opportunities to improve that are presented to me.

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