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Five months of Biscuit.

2008-11-03 - 8:24 a.m.

When youíre with a baby every day, itís like being in the presence of a clock: you donít actually see the minute hand move, but you notice fairly frequently that it has moved. While itís been one day short of a month since our friend purportedly saw Biscuit roll over, itís only been eleven since I first saw the phenomenon myself and four since he also found his way back over to his back. We still praise him for rolling over but itís no longer so astounding that we tell each other every time it happens.

Sometimes itís through the eyes of others that changes are noticed. Last weekend at Grandadís people remarked at how much heíd changed and grown and become even more alert even in the previous two weeks. At the doctorís on the 16th we found out that heíd gotten taller than average and was at 75th percentile (the first measurement had him at 90th but they redid it because it was such a large jump) for height and heíd slimmed out to 50th percentile for weight, which was almost an exact reversal of his 2-month measurements.

Iíve definitely noticed that heís suddenly not only started really noticing his sister, he really seems to dig her. He smiles and giggles and coos at her when she comes into his line of sight, and he chortles uproariously while she dances around and does pratfalls to entertain him.

Heís also getting stronger, thanks partly, I suspect, to his frame-suspended Jolly Jumper which he adores. When we used to brace him up on his feet his legs would collapse every few seconds. Now he can stand for a lot longer. I suspect it wonít be long before his flat, squashy baby bum fills out with brand new muscle Ė I can see it starting already.

With Grommet we held out on giving her her first taste of rice cereal until the day she turned six months. Iím not entirely sure that weíll make it all the way to a month from now with Biscuit. He seems hungry a lot and the avidity with which he watched, drooled and pointed his mouth like a little beak while Grommet ate a sucker from her Halloween spoils was, well, cute but a little tugging-on-the-olí-heartstrings, yíknow? He has trouble making it 3 hours between feedings and, while I donít mind doing 10 to 12 feedings in a 24-hour period, I donít want to starve the kid. Heís a growing boy and fact that the last two months ate into his fat reserves gives me a minor pause. I guess weíll play it by ear.

In the meantime, weíre enjoying our low-key, smiley, mostly-good-natured-though-loves-physical-contact-and-will-let-you-know-if-he-feels-heís-not-getting-enough-darnit, growing boy and the sometimes-entertaining, sometimes-frustrating, but always-interesting antics of our much-beloved toddler who, as she tells people, will be three in January.

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