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A "down" week.

2008-10-21 - 9:03 a.m.

I know, I know, I didnít write as much as usual last week. What can I say? Life has kept me busy in general and learning the ins and outs of Photoshop has taken up a lot of my computer time.

This week hasnít been very good to our household: Jís great-aunt passed away and his almost-34-week-pregnant sister, who was very close to their great-aunt, has had some complications and has been administered steroid shots to help the babyís lungs mature if heís born early. Sheís now on bed rest and canít make it to the funeral, which will be later this week. Sheís also the executor of the will, and while I donít know a lot about how these things work in terms of when the will stuff has to be taken care of, Iím pretty sure this particular timing sucks.

I tried to cheer J up by pointing out that his great-aunt had lived a long and relatively healthy life and that her decline had been mercifully short. She was, I believe, in her eighties and had been diagnosed with lung cancer only just over a month ago. She refused treatment and her death had been expected.

I do know though, that both J and his sister would have liked to see her and she refused visitors or even phone calls because she didnít want to be remembered as so ill. I sort of understand and itís true that, as a result, I remember her as she had been for as long as Iíd known her: lovely and gracious and sharp as a tack. Still, J would have dearly liked to at least introduce her to Biscuit and regrets that he didnít make the effort before we knew she was sick. Poor guy. He just couldnít have known and it seemed like we had all the time in the world to make the introduction so what would be the harm in waiting until Jís sister was up and organized her usual family get-together?

To add to the general bad juju this week, Grommet complained that her bum was hurting but when I added the fact that she said her pee hurt I suspected a urinary tract infection. This was bourn out by a urine dip at the doctorís yesterday, so sheís on antibiotics. Theyíll do a culture to confirm that bacteria are the cause of the blood in her urine, but if it is theyíll be referring us to a urologist as, apparently, a UTI in a girl under three is normally investigated further to rule out problems like congenital defects. (FYI, a UTI in a boy at any age apparently should be investigated automatically.) Frankly, my initial reaction is that Iím not inclined to put her through any invasive tests based on one UTI, though Iíll certainly inform myself better and listen to the urologistís point of view if it comes to that.

So yeah, donít be surprised if this week is also light on entries, or if I do write, if the entries arenít exactly rays of sunshine. Sorry, my life is what it is, and this is where I write about it.

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