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Catching up after the long weekend.

2008-10-14 - 10:04 p.m.

Once again I have returned home from Thanksgiving, bringing with me over half a cake in my grandmotherís cake tin. Well, it was over half a cake when I got it here, now itís more like a quarter. Do I feel guilty? Only enough to feel I should justify myself by saying this: my grandmother makes the best chocolate cake in the world. Itís the only chocolate cake that actually gets better as it ages. She is 84 years old and as long as she continues to bake Ďem for my birthday, Iím a-gonna keep eating Ďem. Some things are worth some extra time on the cross trainer, yíknow?

Speaking of my grandmother, itís recently become law in her province that you have to have winter tires on your car when the snow flies. This new law has coincided with an unfortunate downturn in the stock market. (Perhaps youíve heard?) Now, my grandmother is addicted to the stock market and has been for years. She was even doing quite well until recently. The big crash has pretty much wiped her out though, to the point where she was planning to put her car away for the winter because she couldnít afford 4 new winter tires. Enter Jís dad, who decided that she needed to drive more than he needed the cash that would be required for the purchase. We chipped in too and they were on her car before she even knew anything about the scheme.

I love doing good deeds. Especially for my family. And Granny has given us a lot over the years and always been there for us. Every birthday and Christmas she is the hardest person to buy for and she always tells us not to bother getting her anything. It was great to be able to get her something she actually needs, for no special occasion.


I voted tonight. And not for the Conservative candidate that Iím almost positive will take my riding. At least I voted my conscience. And despite the fact that the economy is a big deal, I just donít care as much about it as I do the environment. After all, what good is money if our environment becomes uninhabitable? Our generation, and the generation before us, have been writing cheques that are coming due to be cashed soon, and if it costs a lot? We only have ourselves to blame. I, for one, donít mind making do with less if it means a healthier future for the inhabitants of the planet.


So I got a copy of Photoshop and, after almost a week of tinkering around and reading info (particularly on Pioneer Womanís photography blog), Iím finally starting to grasp some of the concepts that I need to. My impression of Photoshop though? A very powerful, complex tool that is not very intuitive at allÖ but once you take the time to really delve into it you can do almost anything to an image. I keep making the mistake of thinking Iíll just spend ďa few minutes tweaking an imageĒ once the kids are asleepÖ Before I know it, itís almost midnight.

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